Saint-Roch YMCA

Opening in Quebec City in 2020

Étienne Talbot, a key player in the community

We are proud to announce the appointment of Étienne Talbot as Director of the new Saint-Roch YMCA Community Center in Quebec City.

Being an accomplished and respected manager, Étienne Talbot has previously contributed his talent as Director of development of tourism and major events for the City of Quebec. He is also known for his achievements as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Opération Nez rouge.

With his vast experience and his undeniable knowledge of the region and its neighbourhoods, we are convinced that Étienne Talbot will help build the Saint-Roch YMCA into an exceptional place for the community.

"It is a great honor for me to join the YMCAs of Quebec. This is an important organization whose history goes back a century and whose expansion of programs here, in collaboration with other local organizations, will support the community of the Cité-Limoilou borough", says Étienne Talbot.

A brand new YMCA in Saint-Roch

Design and implementation: CCM2+STGM architectes
3D imagery: Parallèle

More than 15 years after the closure of the last YMCA centre in Quebec City, we’re happy to be back with a complete range of programs and services.

The Saint-Roch YMCA will be built on the site of the former Charest Cinema on Du Pont Street in Lower Town. It will house a double gymnasium, a 25-metre indoor pool with 5 corridors, a conditioning room, 4 studios for group fitness classes, a language school, a community kitchen, a youth and seniors zone, a café, a drop-in child care service, and multifunctional spaces.

All of the community programs currently established in the Community Office located on Du Parvis Street will be moving to this new centre.

The YMCA Saint-Roch project is made possible thanks to the participation of the City of Quebec and the provincial and federal governments. The city has entrusted the YMCAs of Quebec with the management of sports, leisure, community and commercial programs and activities in a 25-year agreement.

Our goal is to consolidate neighbourhoods that are vibrant places to live, full of active and confident kids, passionate and engaged teens, and healthy and thriving adults. We can’t wait to welcome our first members in Saint-Roch!

The Saint-Roch YMCA will open in the spring of 2020.

Interested in working at the new Y in Quebec City?

Are you studying or do you have experience in fitness, aquatics, community work, language teaching, customer service, accounting, building management, or administration?

We would be happy to work with you in 2020! Keep an eye out and look for new job postings on the YMCAs of Québec website. We will be posting job opportunities in the summer of 2019.