Specialized Introduction to Visual Arts (Ages 9-17)

Calling all aspiring artists! This program shines the spotlight on your child’s creativity and curiosity for the visual arts. A new theme every week!

Comic book making: youth will explore the different aspects of comic book making in addition to discovering the various tools available, book assembly techniques, and everything they need to know to tell a great story through both images and words.

Cyanotype: youth will explore all the possibilities offered by this precursor to analogue photography, allowing participants to create visual compositions with unique textures.

Poster and zine making: youth will learn about the origins of these two communications tools and the basics so they can create their own posters and zines.

Calligraphy and artistic graffiti: what do calligraphy and graffiti have in common? A lot more than you would think! Youth will discover how to mix styles and legibility to create their own typographic works using pens or spray paint … or both!

Gallery Art: Under the supervision of a specialized resource, youth will spend two weeks working on their own work of art, which will then be exhibited in an art gallery.

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