Specialized Introduction to Digital Camera Art (Ages 9–17)

Does your child love playing with your camera? Every week, we will explore the various artistic possibilities offered by the digital camera, both for pictures and videos: digital photography, image animation, video montages, portrait photography, videography, fashion photography, and so much more.

Digital Photography 101: Your child will learn the fundamentals and basic rules of photography. This is an introduction to the different types of cameras and how they work. Your child will complete their first artistic photography projects with us!

Stop Motion: Your child will animate their photos using the stop motion technique. We will cover the fundamentals of the techniques, and participants will then create their own videos using the techniques learned in the workshop.

Portrait Photography: Your child will learn what makes a photographic portrait good in today’s world where selfies are more popular than ever!

TikTok Videography: Your child will learn the basics of what makes a video good from a technical point of view: lighting, composition, sound, etc. We will tackle everything they need to ensure their TikTok videos live up to their potential!

Documentary Video: Your child will learn the fundamentals and visual codes of the documentary by diving into a subject during their week at camp.

Video Montage: Your child will create their own cabinet of digital curiosities by making a video using various video collage techniques, allowing them to explore a ton of video montage techniques.

Fashion Photography: Your child will learn the fundamentals of studio photography through the lens of fashion photography: lighting, composition, the wow factor, etc. What makes a product stand out from the rest in a photograph? After a week at camp, your child will know the answer!

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