Before and After School Programs

Before and After School Programs

Our before- and after-school program uses a well-known curriculum known as A Place to Connect™. It was developed by a team of child care experts at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. It brings a high-quality approach to how we deliver before- and after-school care programs across Canada. The curriculum is based on research from the fields of developmental psychology, human development, neuroscience, education, risk management, diversity and social inclusion, social services and child care.

It aims to engage kids through diverse activities that target important development domains (creative, physical, moral, social, language, self, cognitive). These activities are tailored around the observed interests of the children, with the intention of encouraging participation and stimulating a desire to learn. Additionally, it focuses on strengths and having a level of personal agency that is not typically found in school, allowing children to decompress after a long day of focused learning.

The program is not a homework aid, but one centred on building positive relationships with a team of group leaders who encourage children to thrive and meet their emotional needs to promote their self-confidence, social skills and overall development. We believe YMCA: A Place to Connect is the best approach to ensuring a child’s continued enthusiasm and capacity for lifelong learning. The curriculum weaves our mission, vision and values into programming, and strives to develop responsible, respectful, caring, honest, healthy and inclusive citizens.

Find out more about the program on the YMCA Canada website.

This program is offered at the Westmount YMCA


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