Financial Literacy

Financial literacy, a program to sustain generations

“I’m usually home alone and I make my own food. I have learned how to teach others, to work in a group, and I help my mom prepare meals. In the cooking workshop offered through the Financial Literacy Program, I found out that scholarships are available for racially diverse teens. I had always assumed that my mom would be the one paying for my education. I know that the one I want will be expensive. I also know that I can’t just rely on my mom to pay for it, but that I can actually finance my education myself. Now, I spend less on groceries, and manage to save money. I would like to learn more about entrepreneurship, because my goal is to open up my own restaurant. I would also like to learn more about saving money.”

- Malka, 17-year-old participant in the YMCA Lunch and Learn to cook Kitchen Workshop


The YMCA’s Financial Literacy Program presented by ManuLife

In today’s consumer-based society, the challenge young people face is learning how to manage their money and developing a healthy relationship with it. The Financial Literacy Program offered at the Y teaches young people about money: what it means, how to earn it and use it wisely, how to deal with debt, and how to create a personal budget with an eye on the future.

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