"Here, people feel like themselves."

Losing your job. Bankruptcy. Domestic violence… Anyone can end up on the streets. It doesn't take much. And it happened to Daniel L., Daniel F. and Jo Redwitch, who go to the Y to play sports for free. It's a place that helps them get back on their feet.

"The Y allows us to build ourselves up again without being judged." - Daniel L.

"I feel calmer. Because I'm not getting into trouble, it's better for society, and better for myself." - Daniel F.

"I think that if we had more places like this, we would have a lot less people on the street." - Jo Redwitch

The news reminds us every day that we live in a time when social cohesion is fragile. More than ever, we must work towards creating a climate of fairness, inclusion, empathy and respect.


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