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Discover private training

At the Y, we believe private training can transform your life. Especially as our main focus is to support you and help you fulfill your potential.

This is achieved through our high-quality training service and our accessible, inclusive, and caring approach. But our support goes beyond physical activity.

A few benefits of working out with our team:

  • Certified personnel
  • Expert training service
  • Motivation maintenance
  • Quick achievement of your goals
  • Optimization of your training time

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Our training packages

You can reach your goal with one of our three private or semi-private training packages.

Our 3-, 12-, or 24-session packages are offered at a fixed rate. You can buy, schedule your sessions, and pick your package at the front desk, by telephone, online, or directly with your trainer.

For semi-private training (2 to 4 participants), please stop by the customer service counter for more information.

Choose your centre before purchasing your package.

Price list

  Private training (30 minutes) Private training (1 hour)
Member Non-member Member Non-member
3 sessions $126 ($42/session) $144 ($48/session) $210 ($70/session) $242 ($80,67/session)
12 sessions $480 ($40/session) $552 ($46/session) $816 ($68/session) $939 ($78,25/session)
24 sessions $912 ($38/session) $1056 ($44/session) $1560 ($65/session) $1794 ($74,75/session)
  Semi-private training (2 to 4 people)
Member Non-member
3 sessions $135 ($45/session) $156 ($52/session)
12 sessions $516 ($43/session) $594 ($49,50/session)
24 sessions $960 ($40/session) $1104 ($46/session)
At the Y, total training service means:

Our private trainers

Our private trainers are certified professionals who customize your workout according to your fitness level, tastes, and schedule.

With a private trainer, you will learn proper technique and make the most out of your training time.

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How to book your private training sessions online:

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