Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - New Membership Plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - New Membership Plans

Starting from November 8, 2023, The YMCAs of Québec are offering a new subscription option to adapt to your needs, interests, and goals.

You can now choose from the following 3 package options:
What is included in the new plans?

1. What is the difference between the different types of plans?

Here is what is included in the different memberships.

  • POLY : conditioning room, open gym activities, orientation with a certified instructor.
  • MULTY : conditioning room, open gym activities, orientation with a certified instructor, group fitness classes.
  • OMNY : conditioning room, open gym activities, group fitness classes, sports in the gym, aquatic activities, Aquafit classes, one training session with a private trainer.

2. What if I want to try something that is not in my plan?

You can purchase a day pass online, which gives you access to all our activities. POLY and MULTY members enjoy a preferential rate.

3. Is my membership valid across the YMCA network?


4. Can I access the same facilities and activities elsewhere in Canada even if I have a POLY or MULTY membership?

Yes, access will depend on the services offered at that centre.

5. Does the new model include towel service?

  • Our memberships do not include towel service, except the Plus membership at the Cartierville YMCA.
  • However, our pro shop sells towels.

6. Does the new model include locker rentals?

  • You can add a locker rental at any time, regardless of your membership type.
  • Daily use of lockers in the changing rooms is always free.
Rates and fees

7. How can I change my plan?

Please stop by the customer experience counter or call the Customer Experience Support Centre to change your membership plan. We will change the colour of your card and have you sign a new contract. There are no fees to change from an old membership plan to a POLY, MULTY, or OMNY plan. However, a transfer fee will apply if you downgrade to a lower-cost membership.

8. Can financial assistance be applied to all membership plans?

All membership plans are eligible for financial assistance, except the Plus membership.

9. Do you offer any discounts?

We offer reduced rates for certain age groups (teens and seniors), and children aged 0 to 11 can access the centre for free when accompanied by an adult member. Additionally, with our referral program, members will get a credit in their account when they refer a new member (someone who has never been a YMCA member in the past) to us. We also have a financial assistance program, which allows eligible participants to get a reduced rate on our membership plans based on their financial situation.

Member discounts on our complementary services and offers

10. How do I get the member discount for my children?

As a member, you can now add your children (aged 0 to 11) to your YMCA account at no cost. They can enjoy benefits such as discounts on the various à la carte courses. To add your children, please stop by the customer experience counter or call us at 514-687-9622 or 1-833-505-9622

11. Are member discounts on complementary services and offers available with all membership plans?


12. What offers or services are eligible for the member rate?

With each membership plan, members get the member rate on the following complementary services and offers:

  • À la carte activities for children and adults
  • Private or semi-private group swimming classes for children or adults
  • Private and semi-private training
  • OMNY day pass
  • Fitness and aquatic certification courses
  • Day camps and Camp YMCA Kanawana summer camp* (some camps are excluded)
Referral program

13. Do I get a discount if I refer someone to you?

Yes, this is a new benefit! We now have a referral program, which means you and the person you refer to us will each get a $20 credit in your respective accounts. You can refer as many people as you want, as long as they have never been a YMCA member in the past.

14. How does the referral program work?

To take advantage of the referral program, the person referred to us will need the full name, telephone number, and email address of the member who referred them. The credit will then be added to both accounts when the person referred to us signs up for a membership.

15. Can I use my credit on any product?

Yes, the credit can be applied to your membership fees, to complementary services and offers (such as classes or private training), and to products in our pro shop. The credit cannot be applied to the YMCA International Language School.

What happens with my old contract?

16. Is my current contract still valid?

Of course! We will honour your current contract until its expiry date.

Online transaction

17. Is it possible to change membership plans online?

No, membership transfers are not available online. You can make the request at the customer experience counter or by calling us at 514-687-9622 or 1-833-505-9622.

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