Specialized Introduction to Dance (Ages 9-17)

Does your child love to dance? Every week, we will pick a topic or theme and work on a group dance project, which will be performed at the end of the week. Created in collaboration with Concordia University’s Department of Contemporary Dance, the program stays true to the YMCA day camps’ educational approach.
Contemporary Dance: We will explore contemporary dance moves by putting together a routine inspired by the biggest stars of the contemporary dance world. We will also discover the different aspects of live performance, learning how to tell stories and developing the imagination. 
The Art of Performance: Venturing off the beaten path and pushing your child’s skills to create a relationship with the audience is what this week at camp has in store—a week focused on the art of performance. 
Choreography: Is your child passionate about TikTok choreographies? Do they love to invent and innovate through movement and get other dancers involved in their projects? If performing and timing comes naturally, then this choreography week is for them!

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