Why YMCA Day Camps?


YMCA Day Camps are simply the best way to have fun while building and developing meaningful relationships and adopting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Your children will probably be too busy playing to even realize that our activities are focused upon three main themes:

  1. The development of self-confidence and autonomy;
  2. Adoption of healthy lifestyle habits;
  3. The community spirit that is present in all our camps.

We achieve these goals through a variety of approaches adapted to children's interests. In order to reinforce the association between physical activity and fun, our campers participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity daily physical activity. We are teaching them a positive habit that will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

Campers also have the opportunity to take the lead on certain activities. This promotes cooperation and helps with the development of decision-making and problem-solving skills. These are just a few examples of how our programs are intentionally built to contribute to the overall development of your children. In addition, our campers have the opportunity each week to transform themselves into explorers during a fun and stimulating off-site adventure.

Our team receives more than 50 hours of training. Each team member has both CPR and first aid certification and follows the YMCA Healthy Child Development Program to ensure your children receive the highest quality services.

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Varied and thoughtful programming

Thanks to the YMCA's child development expertise, our camp team is well supported in creating intentional and varied programming! Each activity has a specific development goal: self-confidence, cooperation, motor skills, autonomy, respect for oneself and others ... Our renewed programming standards put forward the most recent recommendations for both child development and the camp experience!

We take advantage of being outdoors as often as possible. Our sports and physical activities, and our visual arts and cultural activities, as well as the time used to develop our camp community spirit combine to create moments that will make the summer truly memorable.

Merit Beads Program

This program allows us to celebrate the positive actions of our participants. These group moments highlight the contributions of each camper in order to help them to gain a better understanding of themselves and recognize their strengths and efforts.

60 minutes of physical activity per day

In order to strengthen the association between physical activity and fun, our campers participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity daily physical activity, in accordance with Canadian movement guidelines.

In addition, we promote fitness diversity by offering YMCA sports such as yoga, Zumba and boot camp each week.

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Physical literacy

The Physical Literacy program, presented by Manulife, will help your children discover the joy of physical activity by exploring the fundamental movements that increase their self-confidence when participating in physical and sports activities. Through various games, campers will explore a minimum of five different moves (throwing, jumping, climbing, etc.) each week.

Swimming classes

Summer is made for swimming! In addition to time spent in the pool as a group, the majority of our sites offer three swimming lessons per week. It's the perfect opportunity for youngsters to perfect their swimming skills!


The Y's sense of community spirit truly makes us stand out. Each week, we organize activities that bring the whole camp together. It is an important opportunity to enjoy a positive and meaningful moment as a group while creating camp memories that will last a lifetime!

Arts & Culture

For kids who love to have their hands in everything, we offer a minimum of two plastic arts activities each week.

Healthy choices

We offer two activities aligned with healthy eating each week to help your young ones make wholesome choices.


To promote autonomy and decision-making, young people have the opportunity to participate in the choice and/or organize a minimum of 30 minutes of activities each day.