Why YMCA Day Camps?


Your kids are probably too busy playing to notice, but at YMCA day camps, we focus our actions on achieving three main goals: building self-confidence and self-reliance, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and fostering a sense of community in all of our camps.

We aim to achieve these goals through a variety of approaches that help meet the interests of your kids. Our campers get a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity each day, so they can learn to associate physical activity and fun! A lesson, and a habit, that will remain with your kids their whole lives. Campers also have the opportunity to participate in camper lead activities weekly, in order to promote cooperation and allow them to develop their decision-making and problem-solving skills. And these are only a few examples of how we are very intentional in the way we plan our programming to benefit the global development of your children. Campers also have an opportunity to go on a fun and stimulating weekly outing.


Weekly outings or activities!

We want to give campers the opportunity to discover new passions and interests. To do so, we organize a special, fun, and stimulating activity once a week either on or off site.

Bead program

Our bead program allows us to celebrate our campers’ good deeds and acts of kindness.

Physical literacy

Physical Literacy program presented by Manulife
Thanks to this program, your kids will discover the joys of physical activity and learn basic movements to confidently practice sports and physical activities.

Healthy choices

To help your kids make healthy choices, we offer two nutrition activities per week.

Outdoor play

Weather permitting, we always try to play outside!


We encourage our campers to cultivate their independence and decision-making skills by letting them plan 30 minutes of daily activities themselves.


At the Y, we are known for our community spirit. This is why we organize activities that bring together the entire camp every week.

Arts & Culture

For our enthusiastic campers, we offer at least one educational or cultural activity and two craft activities per week.

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