Meet the management team

Jennifer (Cactus), Day Camp Director

Equipe camps YMCA Jen

Has been working at YMCA day camps since: 2018

Field of study:
Recreational Studies, Communications, Human Relations (BA)

Cool past job:
I worked at the McGill Conservatory Day Camp for 14 camp seasons before joining the YMCA team!

When did you know that you were a camp person?
When I realized that I was being criticized in my academic life for things I was being praised for in my camp life!

What's your favourite word? Sparkle!

What you are looking forward to doing this summer at camp?
Discovering the uniqueness of each of our camps, helping amazing staff members to be even better and helping our great programming to be known and recognized by everyone!

Pet phrase: Why not coconut!


Ludovic Bernier-Hardy, Programming Supervisor for Day Camps of the YMCA

Equipe camps YMCA Jen

Has been working at YMCA day camps since: 2016 

Has been working in the camp industry since: 2009 

Why do you work in camps ?
Going to summer camps and day camps as a kid is one the most influential experiences that I got to live. It really helped me become who I am today. I want to help provide the same kind of environment / experience for the most kids possible. Camp is magic, camp is love, camp is acceptance and I live for that kind of stuff :)

What is your favorite thematic that you did for the kids?
There is a special place in my head for the week in 2020 that I did a “shark with legs” thematic where I was making appearances as a Doctor who somehow got transformed into a shark-man while traveling. The kids were amazed, the staff were laughing and my costume was *on point*, good times!

What are you looking forward to doing this summer at camp? Helping people grow! Everyone faces challenges that are unique to themselves and there are bazillions of opportunities to help them challenge themselves through camp!

Pet phrase: Chillos Doritos


Jolysza Snagg-Romeo (Ignite), D.E.I Manager

Equipe camps YMCA Jen

Time at the Y: I have been working at the YMCA Day Camps since 2021. 

Field of study: BA in Recreation and Leisure.

What do you like about camp life?
Camp life gives me the freedom to embrace my differences, conquer challenges and help others grow intentionally. Camp life continuously allows me to accept all kinds of changes with grace and an open mind. What’s better than having a job that allows you to grow professionally and personally?

Favourite quote: Be the light you wish to see in the world.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
What I enjoy most about my job is representing my community and helping others grow outside of their comfort zone. I like creating spaces where everyone feels heard, safe and encouraged to reach their full potential, while finding their gifts and their place in the world.

Words of encouragement: Do not let the prejudice of the world make you feel lonely, as it is okay to be different and to find peace and solidarity in this. Be brave. Grow confidently and gracefully into what makes you unique.


Audrey (Elbows), Assistant to the YMCA Camp Directors

Equipe camps YMCA Jen

Part of the camp family since: 2018 

Field of study: Bachelor of Arts, Specialization Recreation and Leisure Science.

Favourite thing about working for camps:
I never went to camp as a child but seeing the difference it makes in people’s lives—the campers, staff and alumni—is incredible. I am lucky enough to go up to Camp Kanawana once a week during the summer. I love being able to be there to see the campers and to sometimes put a face to the names of those I was in contact with during the registration process. And to live some of that camp magic.

Favourite thing about working for camps:
Likes: Baking bread, cheese, and walks with my golden retriever. Dislikes: improv/acting, deep bodies of water.

3 facts about me:

  1. I did dragon boating for 10 years and have competed at the Nationals twice.
  2. I dream of being a contestant on The Great British Bake Off Show, but The Great Canadian Baking Show might have to do.
  3. I like black licorice!

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