Companion Program 5-12 years

Our Companion Program aims to offer all children a fun, positive and safe camp experience. We believe that every child is entitled to proper support and understanding, and we strive to successfully include campers with different needs and diverse abilities. We do so by using our inclusive approach when handling unexpected behaviour at camp, as well as by providing companions to children who may need additional support to fully participate in camp life.

Our camp environment provides children with different needs a stimulating and inclusive camp experience, filled with opportunities to create meaningful connections with other.  This same environment also provides an opportunity for all to learn how to accept and embrace everyone’s differences, strengths, and individuality.


For summer 2023, we have received a high volume of requests for our Companion program. Due to limited availabilities we are unable to fulfill all requests at this time. If you are on the waiting list, we will contact you if a spot frees up through a cancellation or if spots are made available by adding more resources.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may pose for your child and for your family.

Should you wish to inquire about our waiting list please email us at:

Step 1: A parent/guardian and professional must complete the Request for Participation Package and return it to as soon as possible. For now, you should not complete the online registration as in order to do so, you will need e-mail confirmation from our team beforehand.

Step 2: Once all required documents have been completed and submitted, we will examine requests. We ask for your patience as we treat camper companion requests. We will begin confirming acceptance to the Companion Program as of mid-March. Because of the high number of requests received, it is possible that we are unable to provide a companion for your camper even if your documentation was received prior to mid-March.     

Step 3: Only once we have confirmed that your camper has been assigned support from the Companion Program, you will be able to register your camper through our online registration platform.

Please contact us if you have any questions: or  514 789-8001 ext. 1517.

FAQ - Companion program

Dates and rates

Contacting the Inclusion Team

Please reach out to our Inclusion Team should you have any questions about; our companion program, welcoming a transgender or gender variant child, concerns about accessibility, inclusion or representation at camp, etc…

Given our team is still working from home, it is best to contact us by e-mail at; or you can also call us 514 789-8001 ext. 1517 (outside Montréal) or at 514 687-9622 ext. 1517 (Montréal).

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