Urban Explorers Camp 13-17 years

The Urban Explorers camp is specifically intended for teens who need a little bit of help developing their autonomy, critical thinking skills, confidence, sense of initiative, social skills, among others.

We want your teens to spend their summer in a caring environment.

At camp, participants will have the opportunity to make friends and discover Québec society by actively participating in the planning of camp activities and events while exploring the city with their peers.

This is an eclectic day camp where participants will have fun, learn new skills, participate in all kinds of activities, and get involved in the community for a fulfilling summer experience that includes: the development of social skills and autonomy, sports, technology, culture, employability, social and community engagement, and so much more! 

Camp participants can thus suggest, plan, and try all kinds of activities in various fields. This will be an opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn new things, all with the aim of building autonomy, developing social skills, and integrating Québec society.

There will also be a one-week training for participants who are interested in following the Counsellor-in-Training program.

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Financial assistance

All low-income families registering one of more children for a day camp offered by a managing organization for the City of Québec can receive financial assistance. Organizations have a pre-defined budget. It is thus important to contact them as soon as possible to check eligibility and get financial assistance for the upcoming summer.

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Administration and Registration

Questions? Write to our TeenZone Coordinator at kim-laureane.pitre-grenier@ymcaquebec.org, or call us at 418-525-9622, ext. 22235.

We look forward to spending an incredible summer with you!
The Saint-Roch YMCA Team

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