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"A sense of belonging, an essential element for communities living in harmony" Mémoire dans le cadre de la consultation sur le Plan d’action du sport et du plein air urbains 2018-2028 "Encouraging more young Quebecers to get moving" "Because an adult role model is a plus…" "Third places improve our children’s quality of life" "Shining a light on local peace-makers" «Vers une Politique de développement social» (French only) "School Perseverance: The part we all must play" «Ensemble pour les générations futures» (French only) “YMCA Alternative Suspension – An Exemplary Collaboration” "Let’s Not Lose Sight of the Impact of the Reforms on Social Inequality" «Montréal, une métropole forte, engagée et en santé» (French only) “School Suspensions – From Crisis to Opportunity” «Montréal, physiquement active» (French only)