Financial assistance

Would you like to participate in one of our programs, but do not have the means?

Because we want as many people as possible to take part in our programs, the YMCA’s financial assistance offers you rates that are adjusted to your income. The financial assistance promotes equal access to our programs.

Depending on their financial situation, some individuals are eligible for reduced rates on: 

  • certain types of membership;
  • most programs and services, including: 
    • aquatic activities;
    • physical activities for kids;
    • Camp YMCA Kanawana;
    • day camps;
    • YMCA International Language School;
    • and much more!

Each year, the YMCA provides more than 1 million dollars in financial assistance to several thousands of people so they can participate in our programs.

Download the application form and a list of required documents

All requests must be sent by mail or made directly at the member services counter of the YMCA of your choice. The YMCA will review your request in complete confidentiality.  

*This policy cannot be combined with any other discounts at The YMCAs of Québec. 

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