“Making a difference in one’s own community.”

Members for the last fifteen years, Jean Charbonneau and his wife, Cathy Tansey, have been involved in the YMCA as volunteers for much of this time, and are among our most faithful annual donors.

“What makes the YMCA unique? Its local mission. The YMCA is rooted in the community and is focused on real challenges.”

Jean joined the YMCA with his wife, Cathy, in the early 2000’s. First as a member, then as a volunteer in governance as well as a campaign volunteer in one of our centres, Jean trains daily at the Y now that he is retired from 40 years in sales.

He spends time in the weight room, in yoga classes and has a special place in his heart for Tuesday morning spinning classes, given by his wife. Indeed, Cathy is a volunteer instructor, who continues to work part-time in the field of health research.

Particularly sensitive to the challenges of young people and newcomers to the neighbourhood, Jean and Cathy view the YMCA as a true reference point when it comes to a safe and healthy environment.

“It is important to us that people feel safe and develop a sense of belonging to their community. That’s why we made the YMCA a philanthropic priority.”

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