Your gifts at work

Your gifts at work

Here are just some of the many activities, services and initiatives made possible thanks to donors like you. Our large YMCA community’s generosity:
  • Got more kids to stay in school and graduate by expanding the number of spots in our learning success programs
  • Helped more teens to build self-confidence and fulfill their potential by expanding and strengthening our TeenZones
  • Sent more vulnerable kids to camp by increasing spots for families in need of financial assistance
  • Got more kids off the couch and into healthier lifestyle habits by offering physical literacy programs in our day camps
  • Ensured more Quebecers had access to the Y’s mission by building our capacity with investments in human and technological resources
  • Leveled the playing field for low-income families and individuals by removing financial barriers to Y services and programs
  • Brought new vitality to the community of Saint-Roch in Quebec City by building a new YMCA there and providing services tailored to local kids, families and vulnerable adults
  • Empowered the Y to respond to emerging priorities and needs, such as emergency response during the pandemic.
By investing in the YMCAs of Québec, you’ve helped kids and their families lead active, healthy and engaged lives. You’ve played an instrumental role in building a stronger community — in mind, body, and spirit.


Find out more about your impact

Discover the stories of Elijah, Clara, Érik and Radhika — just a few of the thousands of young people who have been positively transformed, thanks to YOU.


More than 10,000 donors — incredible individuals, companies and foundations — have chosen to invest in the success and overall well-being of our youth, and in the vitality of our communities. We are deeply grateful for both their generosity and solidarity, for standing together with the YMCAs of Quebec Foundation to build a world where everyone can shine.

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