“At the YMCA, $1 goes a long way.”

Stella Gignac donates to many different charities each year. But the YMCA is the only one she has included in her will. Why? Because, “it’s an organization that does a lot of good”.

“It’s incredible how many programs there are. They make such a difference in the area. It’s a worthy cause to get involved with.”

After volunteering to work on the members newsletter at her YMCA centre and discovering Y programs for kids and teens, she realized the impact the YMCA has on the community. She decided to donate annually to the organization, and write it into her will.

For Stella, the YMCA is “the social fabric of the community”. She’s amazed at how much life it brings to the neighbourhood. Every time she takes a walk, she runs into someone she’s met at the Y!

“I’m deeply moved by the stories of young immigrants who have integrated into Québec society through the Y. And let’s not forget all those kids from families with limited means that go to the Y after school.”

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