“Give the magic of camp is a way to prevent many things we don’t want”


My daughter Juliette L. has just come back from Camp YMCA Kanawana. She has so many stories to tell. Her enthusiasm is boundless. She had the time of her life. She met kids from all around the world and improved her English. As she said herself, “Next year, there’s no way I’m not going back.”

I would like to express my profound gratitude to the financial assistance fund for less fortunate kids. It’s important and very meaningful. Summer camp plants a little seed of joy in your soul. We all know that getting through your teenage years can be tough. I am reassured to see my daughter having fun. Because, even if she is well adjusted, she has hard times too. Girls are vulnerable at 13.

I am very grateful that she has known such amazing moments of joy. Thank you very much to the donors for the precious and generous financial assistance you have given us. It’s a gift that we will never forget.

With this message, I would like communicate how important it is to give to sports and recreation. It is also a way to prevent many things we don’t want.

Sincerely, thanks!”

Claude Lespérance


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