"More than a youth program, a second family."

"I know what it feels like to be alone. At school, I was bullied and discriminated against. I was ignored because I was shy. My mother was in a difficult financial situation and I had lost my uncle, who was like my father."

"They say there are two things you need to survive high school: friends and adults who support you, no matter what. I found both at C-Vert. The program gave me everything I was looking for. A place where I could start over again and make real friends, away from all the drama at school. A place where I learned so much with people who really cared. A place where I could simply be myself."

"C-Vert has been at the heart of so many key moments in my life. Like a parent who helps their child discover all the potential that lies within them."

"I always knew that I wanted to make a difference, but I didn’t know how. Today, I want to use media as a tool to educate young people about social and environmental issues."

Your support for the YMCA gives young people who are going through a difficult time, a safe place to meet, build friendships, and grow together by simply being themselves — without any judgement. ”A heaven that makes life less rough,” as Elijah would say.

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