“Making a monthly donation is easy. And it can make a huge difference for others.”


Ronit Yarosky is the proud mother of Golan, 24, and Geva, 16, both Kanawanians since age 7! After seeing firsthand how Camp YMCA Kanawana benefit children, she became a monthly donor.

Ronit will always remember that magic moment when her eldest, who was experiencing some challenges, proudly received his paddle to recognize his induction into the Knights of Kanawana. From then on, she realized how much camp brings out the best in children and decided to include Kanawana in her will and make a monthly donation.

“These are perhaps the only two weeks of the year when a child in a diffcult situation will experience positivity, encouragement, teamwork and cooperation. It’s the best gift we can give them. They’ll carry it with them for the whole year. For life!”

“Lots of people can find five or ten extra dollars a week. Even as a single mother, a monthly gift means I can be more generous on my small budget!”

Passionate about social justice, diversity, inclusion and equity, Ronit has always been socially involved. She received a YMCA Peace Medal in 2005 for her work as the co-founder of the Montreal Dialogue Group.

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