Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is the YMCAs of Québec undergoing a transformation?

The Y is reinventing itself, modernizing, and ensuring it has a sustainable financial strategy in place to continue inspiring and encouraging all people to fulfill their potential, thrive, and give back to their community for decades to come.

This transformation entails multiple stages, which were presented at the Annual General Meeting in March 2023 and in the 2022 Impact Report. Notably, it involves the implementation of a sustainable financial strategy, the redefinition of the Y’s real estate footprint in the Greater Montréal Area, and the updating of the Y’s service offering to better meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

2. Why sell the Saint-Laurent YMCA building?

After considering a number of options, the sale of the building was the most compelling one. With building maintenance costs on the rise, and the fact that its programming requires only part of the Saint-Laurent site, becoming a tenant allows the Y to maintain its social impact in the community. 

What's more, the sale will enable us to share the space and develop the multi-service community centre, a project that will benefit the community as a whole.

3. Why sell the building to Collectif 1745?

The Collectif 1745’s project was developed following a call for partners launched in 2021. The project’s goal is to make sure the site keeps being used for social purposes and will therefore ensure a continuity of services to the community, two aspects the YMCAs of Québec holds dear. The educational services, gymnasium, and community kitchen are an integral part of the project. In addition, the Y will stay on site and cohabit with other organizations, creating a real community hub on the site.

Selling to Collectif 1745 is the best possible scenario for the community.

4. What is Collectif 1745?

Collectif 1745 is a non-profit coalition of community organizations that was founded in January 2023 to carry out the multi-service community centre project and develop projects for the community. Collectif 1745 brings together various experts specifically focused on different clienteles (early childhood, youth, newcomers to Canada) all working toward the same goal: serving the Norgate community.

5. What is the multi-service community centre project?

The future multi-service community centre will welcome different community organizations—including the Y, who will become a tenant and continue to offer its community programs—with different areas of expertise (early childhood, youth, newcomers to Canada) and serving various clienteles. These organizations will share the current spaces at the Saint-Laurent YMCA. The goal is to ensure the site continues to be used for social purposes and to ensure a continuity of services to the community, two aspects the YMCAs of Québec holds dear.

6. Will the Y have a place with Collectif 1745?

Yes. Through the TeenZone, Alternative Suspension (academic perseverance), and C-Vert (leadership skills development) programs, we will continue to support young people in the Saint-Laurent community, as we have been for close to 50 years.

7. Which spaces will the YMCA use as a tenant on the site?

The YMCA will rent about 1,500 sq. ft. in the building, where it will offer three community programs for young people. The precise rooms need to be confirmed by the buyer based on the renovation work they plan to carry out in the building. 

8. Is the Y planning to offer fitness activities on the site again?

Fitness activities are not in the cards because of the proximity of the Cartierville YMCA (less than 2 km away). The community gym—the only one in the area—will be renovated and made available to all the tenants of the multi-service community centre. That way, it will remain available to the public.

9. How will the sale of the Saint-Laurent YMCA impact the community?

The goal of the project is to ensure the site keeps being used for social purposes and will thus ensure a continuity of services for the community, two aspects the YMCAs of Québec holds dear. In addition, thanks to the various organizations under the same roof, Norgate residents will be able to benefit from a variety of programs.

10. What will the income from the sale of the Saint-Laurent YMCA be used for?

The proceeds from the sale of the Saint-Laurent YMCA will be invested in the YMCAs of Québec’s mission-driven investment fund and will contribute to maintaining the social impact of the entire organization.

11. I donated to support the Saint-Laurent YMCA. What will you do with my donation?

Your donation will be used to support the Y’s work and the many programs it offers in Saint-Laurent, such as the TeenZone, the Alternative Suspension academic success program, and the C-Vert environmental leadership youth program. You can still support these programs by contacting the Y’s Foundation at or by donating on our website.

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