Community Mediation

  • Are you caught in a dispute with a neighbor, family member or someone else?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the situation or unsure on how to resolve the conflict?
  • Would you like to be heard and accompanied by trained and certified mediators free of charge?

For more information, contact us today at 514-630-9864 ext. 5215 or by email at (services offered in French and English).

Conflicts happen in life, and sometimes we do not know how to resolve them by ourselves. Équijustice offers citizen mediation to provide a helping hand to resolve these conflicts: by involving an impartial third party, each person can voice their opinion, be heard, and find the tools to better face these types of situations. 

Conflict management on a fair basis

A disagreement with a loved one, a co-worker or a neighbor may trigger feelings of anxiety and leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. At times, conflicts arise and we don't know how to handle them.

Our confidential, voluntary and free community mediation service is aimed at fostering community well-being. This process allows people involved in a dispute to develop their own conflict resolution strategies and to regain the control over their situation with the support of trained and certified volunteer mediators. At the same time, relationships are strengthened through cooperative conflict resolution processes.

The following are a few examples* of the types of situations in which we can assist you:

  • Conflicts with a neighbor ;
  • Interpersonal conflicts;
  • Conflicts between one or more citizens and an organization (private or public);
  • Workplace conflicts;
  • Other (to be explored with a mediator).

*Certain conditions apply

We do not deal with family law issues such as separation or divorce, child custody, alimony or property division. The same applies to situations of domestic violence or crisis.

For more information about our services, please contact us at 514-630-9864 ext. 5215 or by email at We serve the island of Montreal only.

“A mediation session between two disgruntled neighbours ended in a stalemate, so the mediator decides to change tactics. He wrote out the dispute in detail on the blackboard. Evidently, it seemed to clarify the matter for both parties because a few minutes later, they reached an agreement. They even smiled at each other and promised to communicate better. We were over the moon!”  Noreen, volunteer mediator

For me, community mediation is a big responsibility and a commitment to other members of my community. That means I’m doing my part to reduce our society’s reliance on courts and legal proceedings, and contributing to shaping more harmonious relationships between community members in addition to helping resolve conflicts.  Irene, Volunteer Mediator

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