Pathways to Education

FREE academic support for high school students

Pathways to Education

Focused on improving graduation rates, the Pathways to Education program provides resources and high-quality support to high school students, fostering perseverance and, ultimately, giving them a taste for success, regardless of the path they choose.

Tailored guidance from youth workers 

Free weekly academic support

A variety of group activities (career mentoring, recreational activities, skills-development workshops on various topics)

Access to financial assistance (scholarships and one-time assistance)

This program is offered at the Pointe-Saint-Charles YMCA and the Saint-Roch YMCA (Québec City), safe spaces where caring, listening, and respect abound.

Our youth-centred approach is based on collaboration and motivation.

We encourage students to become aware of their full potential so they can successfully achieve their goals, feel confident about the future, and leverage their skills to get involved in their community​.

To get more information about the program, please leave us your contact information. A youth worker will contact you shortly.

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Pointe-Saint-Charles Saint-Roch (Québec)

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