Five good reasons to do a student exchange with the Y

The YMCAs of Québec - September 27 2016

Why do a student exchange with the Y?

1.It’s almost free.

Both Youth Exchanges Canada and Summer Work Student Exchange are funded by the government of Canada. If you’re selected as a participant, you only have to cover participant fees that range from $50-75.

2.You get to do a ton of cool things

 Some of the experiences exchange participants have been on include rafting in the Ottawa river, exploring the mountains at Banff, Alberta or dining in the dark in Montreal.

3.You get to meet lots of new people (and make new friends)

 For many exchange students, this is their favourite part of the exchange. Making new friends from across Canada allows you to see a different way of living and to experience a different culture.

4.You get to see a new side of Canada

 Remember grade 4 geography class where you learned about the different provinces and territories of Canada? Now you actually get to travel and experience the flat prairies, the snowy Rocky Mountains or the busy commotion of downtown Toronto.

5.You will get better at random skills

 One of the main goals is to help you practice your other official  language (French or English). In Youth Exchanges Canada, by participating, your openness to new experiences will  widen and your Canadian geographical knowledge will definitely improve!

 So what are you waiting for? If those reasons appealed to you, the deadline for application to the Youth Exchanges Canada Program is September 30th!