Colin’s story

YMCAs of Québec - March 15 2024


A sports enthusiast and certified trainer, Colin was working in athletics at different gyms when he realized that many people started their training journey at the Y. “I told myself that if I wanted to help people adopt the right training habits I had to be at the Y.” He decided to start volunteering at the Y and 30 years later is still a committed volunteer.

Colin volunteers in the conditioning room where he welcomes and assists people. “Many people can feel uncomfortable in a conditioning room. At the Y, I make sure that everyone feels welcome and that they use the equipment safely.”

Colin enjoys the sense of comradery at the Y and that it feels like a family. “I feel good here and I feel like I’m making a difference. I like helping people. Often, it’s with their training, but sometimes it’s just by chatting with them.” Colin is proud to be one of the 520 volunteers whose work is vital to mobilizing and serving the Y’s communities.

“Volunteering at the Y gives me the opportunity to thrive and interact with a wide variety of people—youth, seniors, people from different cultures.”
– Colin, YMCA Volunteer for 30 Years

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