Downtown YMCA

We are pleased to see the government loosening public health restrictions, but a year into the pandemic, downtown Montréal and the YMCA’s revenues have been severely affected and the time has come for us to define the approach we will take this year.
We are sad to announce that we will not be able to resume our sports activities in 2021, even once the government gives us the green light. Telework and the drop in the number of workers commuting into the city makes it impossible for us to relaunch our fitness activities at the Downtown Y. However, we will send you a survey shortly to better understand your new reality regarding how often you go Downtown.

The Y’s Ongoing Social Impact in Downtown Montréal
Thanks to subsidies for our community programs, we are still offering our youth and community programs, both in person and online, to the downtown community.

In Progress: Seeking a Partner 
Because the centre’s financial situation has been weakened further by the pandemic and more so than we anticipated, we are actively seeking a partner to support us in the maintenance of our centres, both for the Downtown Y, but also for many of our other centres. This partnership would allow us to focus on pursuing our work to meet the pressing needs of the community. 

We will keep you informed on any actions your local YMCA plans to take in the coming months. Follow the Downtown YMCA Facebook page for more information.

Stay Active with the Y
If you would you like to resume fitness activities with the Y, there are three options available to you:

  1. You can transfer your membership to the Westmount, Cartierville, or du Parc YMCA as soon as it is possible.
  2. You can join our outdoor group classes this summer. More information regarding these courses will be shared in the coming weeks.
  3. You can participate in our virtual group classes from home at any time.