Conditioning room - Welcome Staff


Reporting to the Director, Health, Fitness and Aquatics, the volunteer provides all YMCA members with quality services and creates a safe and welcoming environment. S/he is an important resource for the conditioning room, and is highly approachable and visible. S/he monitors the activities in the conditioning room in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all members. S/he provides information and encourages them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.


  • Greets members, is attentive and available to them at all times, and helps them as needed.
  • Welcomes new members and provides tour of the facilities.
  • Ensures that the facilities are clean and safe.
  • Encourages members to keep the facilities clean after use. 
  • Circulates around the conditioning room in order to speak with members, lends them support, and helps those who are working out by themselves. 
  • Processes all member questions or concerns (directs member to the appropriate person when in doubt).
  • Immediately informs the instructor on-duty if a member is exercising in a way that is potentially harmful to self or others, and reports any damaged or defective equipment.
  • Encourages appropriate or desired behaviours by enforcing the conditioning room rules and regulations. 
  • Ensures the reservation procedures are followed and that time limits on cardio equipment are being respected.
  • Forwards all complaints to Member Services and the Coordinator.
  • Understands the emergency protocols in place, as well as the evacuation and accident reports.
  • Adheres to the YMCA Child Protection Policies and Procedures. 
  • Understands and integrates the value of philanthropy into work and throughout the Association, and participates in the annual campaign and/or in other fundraising events.


  • Must be aged 18 years and up.
  • CPR certification.
  • Fluent in French and English.
  • Customer service experience (an asset).


Professional collaboration and teamwork: Ability to work and collaborate with different types of people and to draw on each of their strengths in order to achieve the expected results.

Organizational and interpersonal communication: Ability to listen actively, encourage the expression of ideas, foster constructive dialogue and to express yourself verbally and in writing with clarity, transparency, accuracy, consistency and with respect for others.

Innovation and continuous improvement: Continuously searches for innovative approaches and ways of improving, standing out and meeting or exceeding expected results.

Work management: Ability to effectively manage time and resources in order to carry out work effectively and achieve expected results.


  • Make a positive impact on the local community. 
  • Share your passion for fitness and well-being with other YMCA members.
  • Learn more about becoming a fitness instructor through workshops and other possibilities for certification.
  • Inspire others to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Develop your communication and leadership skills.
  • Meet and network with a variety of people.



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