Conversation Workshop (2x week)

Conversation Workshop (2x week)

This course focuses on your speaking skills and will help you improve the accuracy of your speech as well as reinforce the knowledge you have acquired so far. This will be achieved with the help of conversational activities based on your professional field or current events, as well as presentations, which would all improve your level of self-confidence and spontaneity.

Evening Course

We offer 2 levels, twice a week:

  • Level 1 (Requirement: Intermediate 1)
  • Level 2 (Requirement: Intermediate 2)

Please specify the level and preferred schedule when you register.

Days: Level 1 - Monday & Wednesday
Level 2 - Monday & Wednesday
Hours: 6pm to 8pm
Duration: 7-week session
Number of Hours: 4 hours/week (28 hours)
Requirements: Intermediate 1 & Intermediate 2
  $ 310 Materials not included. Courses and prices are subject to change without notice.