English is becoming more and more essential for travel and work.

Our English Department offers you a wide range of classes, from beginners to advanced. With our different class formats, flexible schedules and dynamic approach, you are guaranteed to reach your goals.

We teach 8 levels of English oral and written communication daytime and evening classes to beginner to advanced students who want to learn or improve their English. We also have specialized classes for students who wish to work on a particular skill or area. 

Virtual courses in English In person courses in English

"I started in Beginner 1 at the YMCA Language School because I had little knowledge of the English language. I only knew how to say a few colors, objects, and greetings. After following the entire program, I completed the final level, Advanced 3, and am now ready to start my college program in Business Administration. I am very happy because these last 9 months took a lot of dedication, even studying late in the evening after my baby went to sleep, but with much patience and support from my teachers, I DID IT! I want to thank the YMCA and recommend this school to anyone who, like me, aims to learn and develop their competencies in a new language."

Julyanne Carvalho, Brazil

"Iniciei no YMCA no Beginner 1, pois eu tinha pouco conhecimento em inglês; sabia apenas algumas cores, objetos e cumprimentos. Após realização de todo o programa junto a escola, concluí o nível Avançado 3 e estou pronta pra iniciar meu college em Business Administration. Me sinto muito feliz, pois foram meses de muita dedicação e estudos de madrugada, após minha bebê dormir. Mas, com toda paciência e apoio dos professores, EU CONSEGUI! Deixo aqui registrado meu muito obrigada ao YMCA e recomendo a escola para todos que, assim como eu, tenha como objetivo aprender e se desenvolver no idioma."

Julyanne Carvalho, Brasil