“The YMCA reaches out to all of society.”

Born in July 1940, Bob was a YMCA kid. He was 8 years-old when he came to the Y for the first time. He used to participate in the after-school program, and would spend every Saturday there, learning how to swim at the Y. Bob was also a volunteer. In the summers of ‘68 and ‘69, he led groups of teens to a Y Youth Camp in the Austrian Alps.

“I give because I believe wholeheartedly in the YMCA.”

He was a fundraising volunteer in the early 2000s around the time he retired from his job at CN. He would enjoy going for a swim at the Y after a long day at work. Even today, he swims at the YMCA several times a week, and he goes to the YMCA pool whenever he visits his children in Regina and Vancouver. In fact, he believes he probably wouldn’t be in such good health if it wasn’t for the Y.

Bob Tait recently celebrated his 77th birthday. His birthday tradition? To swim as many laps as his age! His next goal: to swim 100 laps when he turns 100.

“I want to give back to the Y because the Y gave me life.”

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