“I hope to guarantee the longevity of the YMCA.”

Richard Payette is a YMCA volunteer and donor. He really believes in the cause. A cause that “speaks to the whole community”.

“The YMCA creates communities; it’s a gathering place and an inclusive environment that seeks to create connections and give people a better life.”

His commitment is second nature to him. His desire to help others and his interest in economic and social development prompted Richard Payette to get involved in different organizations throughout his career, to join YMCA Canada’s Board of Directors and to serve as Co-Chair of the Campaign Cabinet of the YMCAs of Québec.

Richard Payette is now the President and CEO of Manulife Québec, presenter of a new YMCA physical literacy program that aims to help children embrace physical activities and sports with confidence.

“I met exceptional people at the Y: employees who have fire in their bellies and kids with a spark in their eyes. It’s exciting and it pushes us to do more.”

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