“The YMCA is a source of rehabilitation.”

When you meet Éric Daviault, 42,for the first time, in great shape and sure of himself, surrounded by his family, it’s hard to believe that only three years ago, he had an unhealthy lifestyle and struggled with a severe anxiety disorder, major depression and extreme fatigue, coupled with social anxiety and agoraphobia. And yet…

Today, thanks to your support, he is on the path to recovery. The best medicine? Physical activity. Éric works out every day at the YMCA as well as playing volleyball with his family on the weekends. When his therapy centre referred him to the YMCA, a large part of the cost of his membership was covered by your donations.

“The YMCA helps me stay centred, like an anchor when I’m feeling adrift.”

For Éric, your financial assistance goes well beyond monetary support. Knowing that he was being supported also helped him psychologically. Now, Éric has decided to take care of himself so he can one day start teaching martial arts again.

Your financial assistance allowed Éric to take back control, gain self-esteem and have a much more positive outlook on life.


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