“Anybody can come and feel comfortable and accepted.”

You know better than anyone that the YMCA is more than a gym. It’s a cause. As a loyal donor, you have given hundreds of youth a chance to rewrite their story. One youth at a time. But don’t take our word for it. Ask Evans, Jordan, Tyler, Lily, Cathy, Paula, Kim, Maya, Dominique, Suraj, Raphaël and Emrick.

Asserting themselves. Making the right choices. Resisting peer pressure. Resolving conflicts. Making connections. Celebrating diversity. Your support makes all the difference in their lives.

It gives these young people—regardless of origin, religion, sexual orientation or income—an opportunity to learn about overcoming life’s challenges. But that’s not all. They also learn how to have healthy relationships with others and become caring adults who make a positive contribution to their community.

On behalf of young people at the YMCA, THANK YOU.


*Many thanks to Desjardins, which presented the YMCA Peace Medals, our most important annual fundraising event, for supporting youth at the Y and producing this video.

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