“You have taken care of me and my kids just like what a family would do."

At home, alone with her five-year-old son Kagiethan, in her small apartment in a public housing block in an underprivileged neighbourhood, Thiruveny felt isolated and sad. She spent her days sitting at home. Alone. Every single day. Thiruveny arrived from Sri Lanka with her husband. She’s known war, hunger and sleepless nights. How could they offer Kagiethan a better life when, at the end of the day, there was barely enough money to pay for food and basic needs?

Overwhelmed, she turned to her local YMCA, hoping to find homework help and activities for her son. What she found was a community and a warm welcome, something she had been waiting six lonely years for. Caring members of our community like you gave her family access to programs that she simply could not afford: swimming, karate and homework help. Thiruveny found a friendly supportive environment where she could exercise and make friends to escape the cycle of isolation.

Today, Kagiethan is doing great. He is 19 and recently completed his lifeguard training while studying engineering. His little sister Kanisha is 10 and following in her big brother’s footsteps. She comes every day after school and even on weekends. Even when she’s tired. She feels that the Y is her second home.

Thiruveny no longer needs to worry that her children will spend time wandering on the streets or fall behind in school. Your gift does more than provide access to programs. You provide warmth, hope and a personal connection to those in our community who need it most. You provide a family.