"I felt like I was in a cage. Now, I feel more free."

When people think of an at-risk youth, what often comes to mind is someone whois aggressive, gets kicked out of class, or is in trouble with the police. But an at-riskyouth can also be quiet and withdrawn…

Isolation, a lack of resources, problems at school… these are some of the risk factorsthat could have turned young Kared into one more statistic.

But, after only six months in the YMCA Plusone Mentoring program, Kared is more self-confident and independent, and feels less isolated. All thanks to having his mentor Kilsaris by his side.

Québec youth are facing several challenges: a high school dropout rate, sedentary behaviour, technology addiction, bullying, and marginalization. This is why it is so important to provide young people with a safe place where they can be active, learn and make connections.


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