"The YMCA is where I conquered my diabetes."

"December 21, 2016 - On this day, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This meant a lifetime sentence of constantly monitoring my sugar intake and giving myself at least four injections of insulin a day. If I wasn't careful, my future could include limb amputations, vision loss, and even death.

I was encouraged to incorporate some physical activity into my schedule to keep my sugar levels in check. In doing so, I was able to not only improve my physical well-being, but also to alleviate the mental burden of being diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Now, I realize that the YMCA was more than just a way for me to get into shape. It was a place that empowered me to take the disease into my own hands."

Experts are sounding the alarm: Québec's youth are becoming less fit and more prone to illnesses like diabetes. This is a real public health issue. We must act now and encourage more young people to get moving in our programs.