“I saw a difference in his life and at home. You changed him somehow.”

Meet Jérôme. He received quite a shock when he was temporarily suspended from school for marijuana possession. Although he was a good student, he was still using drugs.

Imagine him sitting alone at home on the couch, playing video games. Or on the street without any kind of guidance. Do you think being suspended would have done him any good? Because of your donation, he got help from one of our social workers. If he hadn’t, he would have probably received even more disciplinary action like most kids in his situation. Eventually, he might have dropped out of school.

Thanks to you, Jérôme’s dad now sees a light at the end of the tunnel:

“It made him understand that you have to live with the consequences. I felt like he was taking it seriously. Sometimes things that I had told him before. But it went in one ear and out the other.”

“Sonia, his social worker took him at face value and tried to help him. No condescension. That had an effect on him.”

You will be happy to know that your donation allowed Jérôme to go back to school with a completely different frame of mind. Jérôme now chooses his friends more wisely and avoids risky situations. On Jérôme’s behalf, thank you!