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More than a gym. A cause.

Health and well-being in our communities are currently in decline. Social cohesion is eroding, as are the services we have traditionally relied on. Governments and employers are doing their part. But they can’t do it alone.

This is why we are here. For over 165 years, the YMCA has been about healthy bodies. It’s also been about healthy minds and hearts. About inclusion and caring and community. Who else does all that across Québec and Canada? Only the Y. When you help the Y build healthier individuals, you’re building healthy communities.

Your dollars do more at the Y

Your donation has a big impact because it allows our employees and volunteers to change young people’s health habits and their attitude towards school. It also makes it possible for us to offer opportunities and a support network to those who need it most.

  • Knowing that 91% of teens are not physically active enough, you help us provide hundreds of young people with the opportunity to play sports in a safe environment.
  • In the province of Québec, where 10,000 young people leave school without graduating, you ensure that those with problems at school have the help they need to succeed.
  • For teens who don't know what to do after school, you give them a place to go where they have fun being active, where they get help with their homework and receive guidance from trusted adults.
  • When summer season comes around, you can be proud that you’re helping children learn basic swimming skills and stay safe in or near the water.

Thank you!

Other way to give

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