Star Program - Mixed levels

Star Program - Mixed levels

In the Star Program, swimmers aged between 6 and 15, learn the basics of the backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke, increasing their endurance at each level. In addition to learning swim techniques, children explore elements of competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and aquafitness, and are introduced to lifesaving and first aid concepts.

In the Star 1 level, participants learn the front and back crawl and backstroke. They also develop new techniques, such as sculling feet first on their back and eggbeater kicking, and practice swimming 75 metres using a combination of strokes.

In the Star 2 level, swimmers explore the butterfly stroke and improve their front and back crawl technique. They will also develop their eggbeater technique and practice swimming 100 metres using a combination of strokes.

When they reach Star 3, swimmers will continue to master the advanced front and back crawl as well as the elementary backstroke, and learn to move backward while doing the eggbeater, dolphin kicks and identify and rescue a weak swimmer. They will also practice swimming 200 metres using a combination of strokes.

Finally, in Start 4 level, swimmers will improve their breaststroke technique, explore the sidestroke and work on Rookie H20 Proficiency skills. They will also practice swimming 350 metres using a combination of strokes.


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