Learn to Swim – Mixed levels

Learn to Swim – Mixed levels

The Learn to Swim program teaches children ages 6 to 15 basic swimming and water safety skills. Over the course of the program, young participants gradually learn each type of stroke. From one level to the next, swimmers also learn how to swim greater distances and how to make good decisions around and in the water.

In these lessons, swimmers explore floating, learn basic movements and become more confident and comfortable in the water.

The first level, OTTER, introduces beginner swimmers to the water, and teaches them basic submersion skills and gliding on their front, back and side.

When they reach the SEAL level, swimmers learn how to kick and roll, stay underwater for five seconds, and move vertically and horizontally in deep water. They also learn how to jump into deep water and swim back to the wall while increasing their endurance.

In the third level, DOLPHIN, swimmers are introduced to the front and back crawl. At the end of the level, they will know how to swim underwater for 1.5 metres, scull on their back for 3 metres, do a feet first surface dive, and tread water for 30 seconds. This level also allows them to increase their endurance in order to swim 12 metres on their front and 18 metres on their back.

Finally, in the last level, SWIMMER, participants master the front and back crawl, improve their water treading, diving and underwater swimming skills, and increase their general endurance.


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