L’il Dippers – Mixed levels

L’il Dippers – Mixed levels

L’il Dipper lessons WITHOUT PARENT PARTICIPATION have six levels for children ages 3 to 5. Lessons provide an introduction to swimming techniques using proven and achievable progressions as well as games and songs, creating a lively and fun program that keeps children active and enthusiastic about being in the water.

During their lessons, children will have an opportunity to explore floating, become more confident and comfortable in the water, and learn basic movements and important water safety rules.

In the first level, BOBBERS learn how to jump in the water with assistance, submerge their face, and float and glide on their front and back with assistance.

Second level FLOATERS learn the basics of rhythmic breathing, and how to glide on their front and back with assistance and maintain surface support for ten seconds. They also continue to jump and submerge their face while practicing swimming front and back with a PFD.

In the third level, GLIDERS become aware of water depth and safety by learning how to maintain surface support in deep water. Participants also continue to learn rhythmic breathing and floating on their front and back, and practice swimming front and back for five metres and fifteen metres with a PFD.

Fourth level DIVERS are introduced to side breathing and continue to learn how to maintain surface support in deep water. They will also practice their endurance by gliding on their front and back for ten metres and swimming on their front and back for ten metres.

In the fifth level, SURFERS learn how to dive sitting/kneeling, kick with side breathing, maintain surface support in deep water for 30 seconds and swim fifteen metres.

Finally, DIPPERS learn the standing dive and are introduced to the front and back crawl. They build on their ability to maintain surface support by holding it for 45 seconds, and practice swimming 25 metres on their front and back.


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