Become a Functional Training Instructor for Aging Adults

Older Adults Certification

Functional Training for aging adults

The objective of this course is to teach fitness instructors how to lead safe, effective and dynamic group classes for seniors.

To obtain an Older Adults - Functional Training for aging adults certification, participants must first complete:

  • the Basic Theory,
  • a Group Choreography,
  • Group Strength or an Individual Conditioning YMCA certification course.


Participants will learn about the following topics:

Theory – 10 hours

  • Fitness and aging;
  • Benefits of physical activity;
  • Obstacles to physical activity;
  • Working with older adults;
  • Class components;

Practical – 14 hours:

  • Warm-up;
  • Cardiovascular component;
  • Muscular component;
  • Stretching and relaxation exercises;
  • Progressions and regressions.