Star Leadership Program - Star 5

Star Leadership Program - Star 5

Building on the strong aquatic skills learned in the Star Swim program, swimmers in the Star Leadership program will continue to build on their confidence and competence in the water. They will learn to improve their physical fitness, basic first aid skills, and how to safely help others who are in trouble in the water. Each level has a component of learning how to teach others. Swimmers in these levels will also continue to be given opportunities to explore and progress in advanced swim skills, competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, and aquafitness.

It is the intent of the Star 5 level to develop the physical fitness and skills necessary for lifesaving, to introduce the butterfly stroke, and to introduce synchronized swimming skills.

Children from 6 to 15 years-old will learn an initial standard of butterfly stroke. The core skills they will develop are Rookie First Aid, Ranger H20 proficiency, Ranger Recognition and Rescue, using effective formations, and positive teaching techniques including to create and teach a game. They will exercise their endurance with combination swim on 500m.

Find all general objectives of the Star 5 level below:

Star 5 (6-15 years)


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