Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion

Certification enabling to work as an assistant lifeguard in a public pool as of age 15. Offered to children minimum age of 13 or 12 holding Bronze Star certification.

13 years+

At least age 13 at the final exam (during the last course) OR age 12 and holding a Bronze Star certification.

This certification will enable you to work as an assistant lifeguard in a public pool as of age 15.

4 components of water-rescue education: fitness, judgement, knowledge and skill.
Develop the competencies required to ensure the safety of swimmers in public swimming pools or to respond in everyday emergency situations.

Students must attend a minimum of 75% of class hours. If a student plans on not fully attending a course while still meeting the required minimum attendance percentage, they must inform the instructor and are responsible for catching up on any material missed during their absence.
Students are evaluated by a certified Lifesaving Instructor and Lifesaving Examiner. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of in-class evaluations and of the practical exam, and is valid for 24 months.

It is valid for life and recognized across Canada. Individuals who wish to work as an assistant lifeguard must be recertified every 2 years (if Bronze Medallion is the highest level achieved).

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