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The Youth Zone took part in the Zombie Walk!

Du Parc YMCA - November 07 2016

To celebrate Halloween, our Youth Zone stepped out in style to the Montreal Zombie Walk on Saturday, October 29! 

The kids met at the Youth Zone for a special makeup session: fake blood, latex, cream, cotton balls and oats. This strange concoction is the perfect recipe for zombie skin!

While listening to some spooky tunes, the kids spent the rest of the workshop using their imagination to be as scary as possible! Were they successful? Look at the photo and judge for yourself. Even the Youth Zone team joined in! 

Despite poor weather, the kids and their youth worker headed to the Zombie Walk at 3 p.m., eager to compare their makeup to the other undead. Bus passengers will surely remember us! Once there, the kids admired the work of their fellow walkers, whose original and painstaking makeup left them amazed… and terrified!

The Zombie Walk got its start at 4 p.m. The kids had awoken the ghouls that lie within them, beginning their slow and gloomy saunter with outstretched arms and groaning like the living dead. What a sight to see! As the Zombie Walk was in full swing, some of the kids crept up to hapless spectators and gave them the fright of their life! Both screams and bursts of laughter resonated through the crowd.

The Walk ended with a little rock’n’roll. It was then time to return to the Youth Zone. Our young zombies were tired but exhilarated by their performance, with new costume and makeup ideas for next year…