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Profile of YMCA employee Billie Picard

Du Parc YMCA - March 07 2017


Originally from Sherbrooke, Billie Picard has been working at the Du Parc YMCA ever since she moved to Montréal in 2012. She came to study Kinesiology at the Université de Montréal and decided that a part-time job at the Y was a good complement to what she was learning about: the mechanics of body movement.  

Billie uses her expertise in body movement in much of her work at the Du Parc YMCA. This includes training with new clients at the Y’s fourth floor conditioning room, teaching the Saturday afternoon boot camp class in the gym, and leading new youth members, aged 12–17, through the introductory fitness and facility orientation course they all receive. In addition to all of this, Billie works at the Du Parc Y’s reception desk, warmly greeting members when they arrive for their classes or workouts.

What keeps Billie coming back to her work at the Du Parc Y? She says it’s the centre’s community’t and the warm friendships she has with Du Parc Y members and her fellow colleagues. She also loves helping people around her. Back in Sherbrooke, Billie spent two years working as a trainer at a different gym and it was not nearly as sociable or as rewarding. So, when she graduates with her Masters’ Degree in Kinesiology in May, Billie will be taking a full-time job in health elsewhere, but she won’t be going that far away. That’s because she intends to keep up her connection with the Du Parc YMCA as a volunteer or a group fitness instructor.

That’s good news for everyone who knows and appreciates Billie’s kind presence at the Du Parc Y. And, as she says herself, it’s a good thing for her too.