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Nolin Coderre: the steadfast dedication of a marathon runner

Du Parc YMCA - April 10 2017

Nolin Coderre is no stranger to the Du Parc YMCA’s trail runners. Thanks to his encouragement and support, he helps his runners push their limits. “I’ve never regretted starting this adventure with such extraordinary people. We share the same passion for running, and we all have the same great feeling after our run,” said Coderre. “In the end, their smiles and their happiness are my greatest rewards.”

Les Raton(ne)s Coureurs, the Du Parc Y running group led by Nolin, celebrates its sixth anniversary this year. “I’m so proud of my runners’ progress. I see them build their endurance day after day.” Many runners in the group want to take part in the Montréal Marathon next September. But the ultimate goal of 42.2 km (the distance of a marathon) can only be achieved with consistent and regular effort. This is where Nolin comes in, with his National Triathlon Certificate from Triathlon Québec. The Raton(ne)s have already taken on a challenge in 2016, participating in a 28-km race through the woods of Charlevoix. 

Indeed, Nolin is a marathon expert. He has 22 marathons under his belt, including several ultramarathons, ten or so Half Ironmans, two Ironmans and the list of running events he’s been involved in goes on (he organized a triathlon camp for the 2012 YTri group, he’s been on the organizing committee of the Du Parc Y’s Cyclo-Tour for five years, etc.). To be sure, his friends are always surprised by his tenacity and energy. Nolin manages to lead ten projects at once while pursuing his interest in cooking, politics, human psychology and fashion, since he’s a patternmaker.

What lies ahead for Nolin? Planning outings outside of Montréal for his running group for every season.  “After running with our group on trails in Prévost, Oka, on the Lakeshore in the West Island  and Mount Saint-Bruno, I think that this year, we can take on trails in Bromont and Hudson,” he said.

In short, Nolin Coderre is passionate about sports. Downhill skiing, road cycling, open water swimming… He’s always game and has always been so. “If you liked sports when you were young, you’ll love them when you’re old!” he said. So now, if you have any running questions, you’ll know that Nolin surely has the answers!