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Culturally YMCA...is launched!

Du Parc YMCA - October 05 2016

On September 16, the ‘Culturally Y’ project was launched in the lounge of the Du Parc YMCA.   

Around fifty people responded to an invitation from the event’s young leaders and artists. At the end of the long red carpet leading up to the stage were ‘Femmes Fleurs’, a series of wonderful and colourful portraits inspired by the work of Isabelle Norris. Youth Zone volunteers, in their red aprons, weaved in and out of the crowd offering delicious canapes that they had created by themselves.

The Du Parc YMCA Director opened the event at 7 pm. In her speech, she stressed the dedication of our five young leaders in realizing the ‘Culturally Y’ project and handed Anastasia, Anta, Marine, Nolséko and Véronika a certificate of recognition for all of their efforts throughout the year.

Arianne Émond, a well-known socially-conscious journalist who has lived in the neighbourhood for twenty years, went up on stage to read ‘’Hommes entre eux’’, which was written by Simone Cassan and inspired by the work of Marguerite Dorion. Then, the black curtains were drawn back, revealing sombre paintings of men that contrasted with the paintings of women.

After, it was Kathia Rock’s turn to perform. An Innu singer, songwriter and musician, she shared the music of her ancestors as she played the guitar and drum. Clicking and clacking away, multidisciplinary dancer Sara Rajahson dazzled the audience on her tap shoes, followed by amateur guitarist Sabien Prissette, who has been selected for the ‘Étoiles du métro de Montréal’ contest.

To close the evening, Anastasia, one of our young leaders, and her friend Sacha intoxicated us with their passion for rock music!  

Thanks to all our young leaders for this exceptional evening!  

The next ‘Culturally Y’ event will take place on Friday, November 4.

If you are an artist and would like to participate in the event, please contact our young leaders directly at Culturellementymca@ymcaquebec.org.