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A big THANK YOU to Mamie Clafoutis on behalf of children and families at the YMCA

Du Parc YMCA - June 22 2017

In the photo, from left to right, Mr. Mehdi Alaoui, president, Advisory Board of YMCA du Parc; Mrs. Marie-France Hebert, Director, YMCA du Parc; Mr. Nicolas Delourmel, owner-partner of the bakery chain Mamie Clafoutis;  Herve Juste, member of the fundraising committee of YMCA du Parc.

“At YMCA day camp, I know that my daughter is in a safe and stimulating environment that encourages her to build her self-esteem. Every day, she comes back happy and proud. As a parent, it’s pure gold.” Matt gives camp credit for the many qualities his daughter Abby, 6, has developed in the last two years.  “Abby is sure of herself and independent. She’s ready to try lots of new things and very open-minded when she meets people of different backgrounds.”

We get stories like these about YMCA day camps every day.  

“What a great story from a parent of a YMCA day camp participant about the impact Mamie Clafoutis’ donation. The Du Parc YMCA would like to thank Boulangeries Mamie Clafoutis and Owner and Partner Nicolas Delourmel for their great generosity over the last four years. Their donations totalling almost $33,000 have given hundreds of kids in need a chance to go to camp, get moving and make friends, an experience they could otherwise not afford. Thanks to Mamie Clafoutis’ financial assistance, these children have seen their lives change. Thank you,” says Marie-France Hébert, Director of the Du Parc YMCA.

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